Hello! My name is Christa Miner, and I am the Owner-Operator of Innovative Solutions Massage Therapy.

I have been in Austin for most of my life and consider myself an Austinite through and through. I graduated from the Academy for Massage Therapy Training in San Antonio in 2015 after working for a big massage therapy franchise, inspired to further my career upon seeing the effect those therapists had on their clients and the professional relationships they developed.

Working my way up from Front Desk Associate to being Assistant Manager, I experienced clients daily who, after a session, would rave about how it “helped me so much” and “turned my week around.” Massage therapy was already a business I was passionate about, but I wanted to see how I could funnel my passion into my own massage practice.

So here I was; I had my massage license and a passion for living fully and healthy. I was working out 4-5 times a week to lose my college weight, and I had the TOUGHEST time finding a therapist that wasn’t afraid to get in there and work out my knots!

There was my lightbulb!

I wanted to be that therapist. I wanted to help people of all shapes and sizes who had chronic pain, whether it was due to a sedentary lifestyle or living in the gym. I was driven to help my clients by becoming an EXPERT in sports massage and therapeutic recovery. We all have muscles, and we all hurt!

Massage can help with stress, aches, pains, and post-injury mobility.

I look forward to helping you live with less pain!